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Class Trips

An Educational Experience!

LCT welcomes school and educational group visits. We are proud to be a part of Lake Champlain history and are happy to share our unique and fascinating story with the community. To make your trip as safe and fun as it can be we ask that all groups follow these guidelines:


“It helps us to know you are coming.” Please call us at 802.864.9804 or email at to make a reservation for your trip.


A number of variables determine your rate. Please contact us at 802.864.9804 or for more information. We generally offer a 30% discount to school groups high school age and younger with a reservation.


For your safety, we ask that you plan on one (1) chaperone for every six (6) students/children. It is beneficial to our crew, passengers and your group that chaperones take an active roll in the supervision of their assigned children. No student is permitted to be out of eyesight or earshot of the chaperone.