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Vermont Lake Monsters

Lake Monsters

Let's Go Lake Monsters

The lights, the hot dogs, the mascot… and of course The Vermont Lake Monsters and Centennial Field. A summer classic the entire family can enjoy. The Vermont boys are your best bet to hear the crack of the bat on a warm summer evening.

For those of you using the Ferry to attend a game, your Vermont Lake Monsters ticket stub can be redeemed for a free ride back the same day of the game. Each person in the vehicle needs to present a game ticket stub and a receipt from the Ferry ride over, all on the same day to receive the free ride. This offer is valid at the Grand Isle, VT-Plattsburgh, NY & Charlotte, VT-Essex, NY crossings only.  The Burlington, VT-Port Kent, NY crossing is excluded from this promotion.

So let’s go root for the home team… visit the website for a complete schedule of games.